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Great books to those who support The Endangered History Project.

Support The Endangered History Project and receive one or more of Don Ray’s books:

“Diggin’ Up Gold on the Old Paper Trail: A Workbook for Investigatin’ Folks”

We have ten newly printed copies. Make an online, tax deductible donation of $30 and we’ll ship you one.

Thousands of police investigators, journalists, genealogists and private investigators have used the fun, practical guide to understanding public records.diggin up gold

It features more than 70 documents relating to O.J. Simpson’s life, family, real estate and troubles. It also features a collection of death certificates of famous people as well as an in-depth look at Richard Nixon’s birth certificate. This stuff is fun.

Click below to contribute $30 and the book is yours.

“Checking Out Lawyers” by Don Ray.
This is the best book Don Ray has written on how public records work. It’s out of print, but we have some used copies.Checking out lawyers

It’s a fun book to read. Why not chuckle a bit while you learn about the public record resources available to help you investigate ANYONE — not just lawyers.

Contribute $25 and we’ll send you a copy.

Special — Contribute $50 and get both of the above books. But remember, there are limited copies available.

“The Investigators Handbook — California Edition” by Don Ray.
This was published in 1995, but the lessons in it are still sought after today. for $20, we’ll email you an e-book version. You can used Kindle or other readers — and take it with you anywhere.Public Records Primer

The back part of the book includes listings of hundreds of Federal, State, County and City listing — of course, many of the phone numbers and addresses have changed. No problem. That’s what today’s Internet is for.

The front of the book is filled with worthwhile tips, strategies and tools you can use today. It also describes the most common resources for obtaining public records.

Again, donate $20 online for Don Ray’s “Investigators Handbook.”

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